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Since its start, DKB Chiropractic has been committed to the healthcare and well-being of local communities.

If you are searching for pain-free special preventive care, you are in the right place.

As it is our goal to provide you services to improve your quality of life and overall health, we strive to give professional care to achieve your everyday wellness goals.


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3930 Walnut St STE 220
Fairfax, VA 22030


Committed to Chiropractic Excellence

Bringing Life to Your Spine
Experienced Chiropractor

Qualified & certified from the world leading chiropractic institutions. Treated thousands of patients, of all ages and numerous nationalities. Expert in pain injury management and ongoing wellness.

Specialized Treatment

Chiropractic Adjustment, Physical Therapy, Re-habilitation, Decompression Therapy, Dry needling, Taping, Cupping.

Variety of Care Plan

Auto accident / Workplace Injuries / Sports Injuries / Wellness Care / Rehabilitation / Posture Correction

Reliable Price Plan

Cash plans for the non-health insurance. Discount for seniors and Medicare patients.

Chiropractic for Today’s Lifestyle

We Have All Your Bones Needs Covered
Spine Relate

– Neck pain
– Mid back pain
– Lower back Pain
– Scoliosis
– Sciatica


– Shoulder (Frozen Shoulder)
– Elbow (Tennis/Golfer’s)
– Wrist (Carpal Tunnel syndrome)
– Hip
– Knee (Runner’s Knee)
– Ankle
– Hand / Foot (Plantar Fascititis)

Muscle & Joint pain / Repetitive Stress Disorder

– Arthritis
– Bursitis
– Tendonitis
– Neuropathy
– Strains / Sprains
– Fibromyalgia


– Vertigo
– Migraines

Happy Stories

Creating Vibrant Smiles for Healthy Lifestyles!

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My family came to DKB Chiropractic for injury after car accident. We had neck and back pain. The doctor and his staff were amazing. Dr. Cho took times to listen all my concerns and explained treatment very well. He even made my 11-year-old son feels welcomed and relaxed during treatment...

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- Hei. A

The staff members were very friendly and courteous with the patients. After having three kids, my pelvic wasn't feeling well and Dr. Cho did an amazing job and made my pelvic feel so much better than before. He also gave me great advices as to how to take care of my body. I was able to tell that he is very passionate about his job and he explains very thoroughly about the whole process...

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- Debbie. H

I highly recommend Dr.Cho, he’s really knowledgeable and kind. Nurses there are very nice too, know what I need and want without me saying it out loud. If you have chronic neck / shoulder / back pain, go get it fixed! My neck and back pain got way better after 2 sessions...

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- Brianna. K

I had painful spasms in my lower back while raking leaves over the weekend. After a couple days of trying to manage the pain on my own, a family member recommended I try out DKB Chiro, which recently opened near my home. Overall, I was impressed! Since I was a new patient, they first took X-rays of my back. Then Dr. Cho went over the X-rays and told me how he planned on adjusting my back to correct the obvious misalignment in my spine...

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- Jay. P

I came to dkb just to get treated by Dr.Cho. I had wonderful previous experience with him before when he was working for other office. There are many other chiropractic offices that are closer but it is hard to find a doctor who tou can feel that cares about his or her patients...

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- Hyoung. K

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3930 Walnut St STE 220
Fairfax, VA 22030